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We are the first place in Milan fully dedicated to graphic design lovers. We sell stuff, we host events and we welcome people.

Parco Gallery is a project by Parco Studio: a graphic and communication design studio, specialized in brand strategies and digital identity, based in Milan.

In 2018 we have opened a gallery focused on graphic design, organized with very busy schedule including exhibitions and free-entry events. In the gallery there is also a mag corner with a selection of books and publications curated by us.

In August 2019, we relocated in a larger space in the Northern area of Milan. Eventually, we’ve been able to have the studio and the gallery in the same space, resulting in a new series of opportunities to learn more and create events.

Since we opened in 2018, Parco Gallery hosted exhibitions by LAVA Design (Amsterdam, NL), Onomatopee (Eindhoven, NL), Radim Pesko (Londra, UK), Kajet (Bucarest, RO), Sheffield Institute of Art (Sheffield, UK) and by Hato (London, UK)

Parco Gallery is a reference for students from different design schools in Milan, we often open the gallery to teaching tours and workshops.

In the gallery we present small and big experiments and exhibitions that we carry out in parallel to the commissioned work of Parco Studio. We are now setting up a secret project with Mare Culturale Urbano about the contemporary graphic design practice and its relation with technology.

We believe imagination is the best tool for shaping the future.

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Parco Gallery

The first place in Milan fully dedicated to graphic design lovers, from the nearest neighbourhood and all around the globe.

We are in Via Zuretti 35, 20125, Milano (Italy)
From Monday to Friday. From 9.30am to 7pm

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Parco Gallery is a project by Parco Studio
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