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Parco Gallery is the graphic design gallery and bookshop of Parco Studio, graphic design practice founded in Milan by Loredana Bontempi and Emanuele Bonetti.

Our bookshop is in Via Zuretti 35 in Milan, 15 minutes by foot from Central Station. (Photo by Cartacarbone)

Visual culture has always been at the core of Parco’s practice, who is designing images that tell stories about the contemporary from 2010. The power of visual and the power of communication are the protagonists of everyday life, they are tools that can change the present and the future.

In the space there is a wall dedicated to the exhibitions. In the image the poster exhibition by Raissa Pardini about the connection between graphic design and music (2019) – formerly held at The Social in London. (Photo by Matteo Girola)

In addition to this there is passion for exchanging and collaborating with other designers, making Parco Gallery the hub of an international network of design professionals.

A center of exchange and collaboration in between designers, schools, locals and lovers from the neighbourhood.

Events and exhibitions are constant opportunities for research and experimentation. They are accompanied by a selection of objects and publications – books, magazines and fanzines – curated by Emanuele and Loredana together with the Parco team, as well as a series of self-initiated and self-published projects by the studio.

Parco distributes local and international publishers, with care about topics going from graphic design and visual representation to topics more related to society, ethics, politics, sustainability and climate change.

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You can contact us at:
+39 02 367 993 80/1

Via Zuretti 35
20125 Milan, Italy
15 minutes by foot from Central Station
Monday-Friday 11:00am-2:00pm/4:00pm-6:30pm

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