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WORKSHOP: Reclaiming Utopia

19 Dec 2018
09:30 - 18:30

“The future is certain,” begins an old Soviet joke.
“It’s the past which is unpredictable” culminates a rather distressing punch-line.

Call for participants
How do we interact with the archives?
How do we remember the socialist past?
How do we engage with our own Eastern Europeanness?
How do we make meaning out of symbols, visuals, blocks of text?
How do we make sense of the Eastern European mythologies of the past?
Ultimately, how do we reclaim a lost utopia?

Come learn about Eastern Europe’s recent history, literally cut from the past and define the future, re-tell Eastern Europe’s stories and reclaim the lost utopia through the medium of riso printing!

Laura Naum—Editor, Kajet Journal
Petrică Mogoș—Editor, Kajet Journal
Gabriel Barbu—Graphic Designer, Kajet Journal
Alin Cincă—Choriso Press

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