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Thursday 27 September 2018 — Thursday 27 September 2018

Belli Talk #1 Matteo Moretti about visual journalism

Talking about  graphic design with the people that make it alive

Guest of this Talk: Matteo Moretti, visual journalist representing Italian design all over the world

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Matteo Moretti is a designer and researcher at the Faculty of Design of the Free University of Bolzano, he is one of the 100 ambassadors of Italian design in the world.

Co-founder of the visual journalism research platform, in 2018 he founded, the first platform that collects design projects to narrate and support the recent European migratory phenomena. Speaker TEDx and, is sworn in for the World Press Photo. His projects have been awarded the Data Journalism Award and the European Design Award.

About Belli Talk

“Belli Talk” is a series of events focused on contemporary graphic design, hosted and curated by Parco Gallery. With the aim of creating a direct dialogue within the design scene, we set a series of meetings that will run in parallel with the gallery exhibitions.

Talking about the field and the people that make it alive, we’ll try to figure out what’s going on in graphic design and what’s going to happen in the upcoming future. A lot of questions and just few answers about the role of the graphic designer today and its life beyond the job. Internationally known guests are invited the share their experiences, stories and secrets, from a professional, artistic and human point of view.

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