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Thursday 01 March 2018 — Sunday 08 April 2018

Cellophane, Parco Studio’s reference archive

The exhibition composed of 1500 pieces of graphic design collected in over 10 years around Europe.

On February 15th 2018 we opened a gallery dedicated to what we love most: graphic design. It was born as Belli Gallery, after a couple of years it will join the new spaces of Parco Studio and become Parco Gallery.

The opening exhibition “Cellophane – A Reference Archive” is an exhibition-manifesto, investigating the contemporary scenario linked to visual culture and local and international communication.

Cellophane is a collection of paper and digital references curated by Emanuele Bonetti and Loredana Bontempi, made up of inspiring objects collected from 2007 to 2017. This collection develops a methodical and functional visual research to the project, linking a series of fortuitous encounters.

The archive is proposed as a fluid collection, of stimuli and suggestions also in contrast with each other, both paper and digital references. The exhibition is divided in two parts: a paper archive and a digital installation. The first collects materials from various cities, the work of graphic studios mixed with popular culture, and design ideas with memories and experiences. Then, the design references collected on the web re-emerge in a hypnotic flow.

Thanks to Francesco Cavalli of LeftLoft for the opening of the exhibition and the gallery, despite the snow and the crowds that surrounded it.

Here the full list of contributors that we managed to find within all the printed and digital material: Adrian&Gidi, Akfb Design, Albert Ibanyez, Alessandro Busseni, Alessio D’Ellena, Ana Strumpf, Andrea Guccini, Atlas, Avanti Avanti Studio, Bart De Baets, Ben Biondo, Ben Hutchings, Bielke+Yang, Bolo Paper, Bureau David Voss (Ondine Pannet & David Voss), Bureau Mirko Borsche, Bureau Sandra Doeller, Büro 146, Burton Kramer, CamuffoLab, Canefantasma, Carnovsky, Chelsea-Louise Berlin, Christoph Niemann e Nicholas Blechman, Circular, Cobbenhagen Hendriksen, Dallas, Demian Conrad, Dual Room, Ed Cheverton, Elliot Tupac, Erola Boix, Everyday Practice, Experimental Jetset, FF3300, Fidel Pena – Underline Studio, Fons Hickmann , Francecso Franchi, Gabriel Jasmin, Giga Design Studio, Marco Goran Romano, Haller Brun, Hort, Ikko Tanaka, Irma Boom, Jakob Kirch , Jan Novák, Jinhan Park, Jonas Grossmann, Julia Born and Laurenz Brunner, Jürgen Maelfeyt, Justseeds, Karel Martens, KesselsKramer, Kevin Lucbert, Kinzo Berlin, Klar Claire Allard, Klim Type Foundry, Kummer-herrman, Lammkirch Graphic Design, Leftloft, Loïc Dupasquier, Lorenzo Bravi, Ls Graphic Design, Ludovic Balland, M-l-xl, Mack, Manuel Buerger, Masayoshi Kodaira, Meghan McInnis, Metahaven, Mevis & Van Deursen, Michele Galluzzo, Mousse Agency, Neubau Berlin (Stefan Gandl), Nikolaus Schmidt Design, NNstudio, Òbelo, Off Office, OK-RM, OPERATIVE.SPACE, OSP, Our Polite Society, Paolo Palma (Metodo studio), Parallel Practice, Paul Garbett, Pekka Loiri, Pentagram, Petra Stavast, Pierre Bernard, Plum, Radim Pesko, Rena Kanahama, Rita Matos, Ron Van Roon, Sascia Reibel, Shannon Jager, Smiling Wolf, Snask, Spector Bureau, Stdin, Stephanie Unger, Stockholm Design Lab, Studio Berthod, Studio Dumbar, Studio Folder, Studio Fornasetti (Elena Meneghini), Studio Iknoki, Studio Norm, Studio Silva designers, Studio Snask, Studio Temp, Sulki and Min, Swiss Ritual, Team Thursday, The Designers Republic, Thomas Petit, Timm Henger, Tjade Bouma, Tomo Tomo, Unfun, Valerio Nicoletti, Valiz, Write Sketch &, Yelena Smith

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