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Thursday 17 March 2022 — Tuesday 10 May 2022

Instagram in Un Sedicesimo

An Exhibition by Parco Studio in collaboration with Corraini Edizioni

The artworks are available in a limited edition, see here for more details

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Instagram in Un Sedicesimo is an analysis process that plays with new graphic languages ​​by mixing digital and non-digital tools, by constantly discovering something different.

Working on Instagram in Un Sedicesimo the associates of Parco Studio, Loredana Bontempi and Emanuele Bonetti, have expressed themselves visually converting the most used digital tool in the world into a drawing tool – an analysis process lasted 15 days in search of new graphic languages. The result is a collection of 16 IG stories, a picture of particular signs, strokes and lines – an open question about what can be experienced through new tools.

The exhibition is a way to review the process that integrates digital and non-digital tools together, in search of their hidden value, by pushing the digital up to become a more layered visual medium and mixing every preconception in order to create a system open to play with its users. The 6 artworks are the core of the installation in a new format – once again changing the project into something you never imagined.

At the opening Pietro Corraini has explained how the Parco Studio project fits into the series Un Sedicesimo, based on a sixteen-page booklet. Each issue is different from the other and the cover recalls immediately the artist who has designed.

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