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Tuesday 18 April 2023 — Thursday 18 May 2023

LĀU Clothing Pop Up Shop is now closed

Parco Gallery hosted Lisa Anderlini’s project LĀU Clothing / Minimal Design for synthesis lovers temporary store, summer collections collaborations with Alice Hoffmann and Mireia Ruiz, to create oversized silouhettes for a comfy style combined with trompe l’oeil details and hints of a sporty elegance, usign irony and bold colors.

LĀU Clothing is a made in Italy Women’s top brand founded in 2011. The love for geometry and art in all its expressions has driven LĀU Clothing to create a unique and recognizable style through the power of synthesis.
Along with seasonal collections, LĀU Clothing also collaborates with international artists and creatives to create limited editions that will never bore you.

LĀU Clothing is a “one woman band” project, Lisa Anderlini does everything from designing the collections to the first prototyping. She builds the first pattern and chooses textiles, color palettes and work on concept. She personally follow the production and does quality control.

Everything is produced in 2 small family run laboratories in Rome. She produces just about 40ish styles per year, more or less something as 1000 items per year, normally these numbers don’t exist in the fashion industry with the F.
Every style is sold on the website until there’s just 1 left and there’s not left over production at all in her laboratory.

All the fabrics, textile print and accessories are produced and realized in Italy, she works with 10 suppliers in total, most of them are also in turn small family run business too.
She uses zero Ecotex Standars Certified fabrics, that means CO2 emissions, and recycled polyester when used, and she’s working hard day by day to deliver a more responsible product.

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