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Tuesday 28 February 2023

Ostinata Bellezza

Luca Pitoni and Livia Satriano on the life and legacy of Anita Klinz
Tue 28th February – Doors open at 6:30 pm. Talk at 7:00 pm
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In the history of italian graphic design, the name of Anita Klinz has remained hidden for years, a footnote to a rich tradition of characters that stood the test of time and are now studied and celebrated. But her contribution to the publishing industry, to a closer look, is invaluable: art director for Mondadori for twenty years, and later the spearhead of Il Saggiatore, Klinz’s vision has moulded the landscape of italian imagery.

Luca Pitoni, alongside Livia Satriano, compiles in Ostinata Bellezza a complete and unheard of history of the professional and personal journey of Anita Klinz through archive material, diaries and accounts, painting a complex character and finally giving justice to her work. The authors will present the book and the research at Parco Gallery on Tuesday 28th february at 7pm.

The event is organized together with Fondazione Arnoldo e Alberto Mondadori.

Luca Pitoni (1982) is a graphic designer and professional journalist.
He is a lecturer in Editorial Design at the Polytechnic University Milan and at ISIA in Urbino.
In 2017, together with Davide Di Gennaro, he founded the graphic design studio Tomo Tomo.

Livia Satriano (1987) is a researcher, author and creative and content consultant.
She is the author of the books No Wave and The Other Eighties and of programs and podcasts such as Disco Simsim and Nascostify. Since 2017 she has been curating the Libri Belli project, on Instagram and organizing exhibitions and meetings.

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