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Friday 10 March 2023 — Sunday 04 June 2023

Parco Studio – In a landscape

Friday 10th March – opening 6.30 pm
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Parco Gallery turns 5 and to celebrate it hosts for the first time an exhibition of completely unpublished works by Parco Studio.

“In a landscape” is a selection of eight purely compositional experiments, carried out through different iterations by all members of the studio. Eight posters in 70×100 format made in a completely analogical way through the repetition of basic shapes. Circular stickers of different colors, ready-mades that occupy the space creating lines of force and directions and defining a single landscape in which to let the gaze navigate.

The title is a tribute to the work of John Cage, capable with a single instrument and through the repetition of a few single notes to create a world in which to immerse oneself completely in order to grasp every nuance, a music to hear and see, a landscape to inhabit.

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