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Thursday 20 December 2018 — Sunday 20 January 2019

Utopia after Utopia, Kajet at Parco Gallery

An exhibition to reflect on the past, the present and the future of eastern European visual culture together with the launch of the second issue of Kajet Journal

Opening talk by Laura Naum and Petrică Mogoș, editors at Kajet Journal toghether with  Gabriel Barbu, graphic designer at Kajet Journal and Alin Cincă from Choriso Press

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Kajet, Romanian-based journal, invites the public to reflect on the representation of their past through publishing. Parco Gallery invited them to Milan to reflect on our shared and unshared past, as a way to discuss the present using the visual output as a form of reflection. The blend of content and form is at the core of their research and practice. The heritage of eastern european visual tradition and the contemporary publishing practice meet in the exhibition set up.

Kajet Journal Born in Titan, a (former?) working class neighbourhood of Bucharest, KAJET Journal emanated out of an urgent need to provide a platform for Eastern European narratives. KAJET gets its name from the Easternised version of the French cahier, meaning notebook: a textual & visual collection of thoughts, an assemblage of neglected narratives, a self-expanding string of reflections & perspectives, a perpetual work in progress of a history that keeps re-writing itself; essentially, a journal of Eastern European encounters. The project hopes to become an alternative medium where artists & academics can actively co-exist & thrive. Through a textual and visual composite, try to overcome a purely anecdotal understanding of Eastern Europe, as aim to reverse the mentality, challenge stereotypes and shift perspectives.

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