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Friday 09 November 2018 — Friday 09 November 2018

The Interfinity Mark and The Unanswerable by Francesco Guarnaccia and Nick Young

Presentation of “The Interfinity Mark and The Unanswerable” written by Nick Young and “Immortal Mark” written and drawn by Francesco Guarnaccia

Two talks by Nick Young and Francesco Guarnaccia. Special Guest: Giulia Gatti, marketing and promotion at Fedrigoni

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“The Interfinity Mark and The Unanswerable” is a publication produced by Parco Studio. The project is a collaboration between the philosopher Nick Young and the cartoonist Francesco Guarnaccia where they reflect on Radim Peško’s glyph: “The Interfinity Mark” and its applications.

Peško’s mark, resulting from the combination of an infinity sign (∞) and a question mark (?), becomes for them a source of inspiration opening a conversation on the reasons why it’s been composed and its potential uses.

Nick Young

Nick Young is a postdoctoral researcher and adjunct coordinator at the Centre for the Philosophy of Time at the University of Milan. His PhD research focused on auditory perception and he is currently working on a new project entitled ‘Time and the Emotions’.

Francesco Guarnaccia

Francesco Guarnaccia is an Italian cartoonist and illustrator, born in 1994. He’s part of Mammaiuto cultural association. He has been published with Shockdom, Rizzoli, Linus, Internazionale. In 2018 he published ‘Iperurania’ with Bao Publishing. Currently, he’s working at Parco Studio as a motion designer and one day he will finish his new comic about procrastination.

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The Interfinity Mark and The Unanswerable


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