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Tuesday 17 July 2018 — Tuesday 23 October 2018

Post Butt, an exhibition by Melani De Luca

Oh My God! Look at that bottom!

For the opening of the exhibition “Post Butt” by Melani de Luca, Parco Gallery presents two talks and a special book sale by Onomatopee, gallery and publishing house from Eindhoven.

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Post-Butt analyses the virality of images in our mediated society. More rounded, it is a case study around the image of female bottoms and behinds, and their influence in media, society and art. The posterior is the protagonist of mass-mediated cullture, it is the democratic sex organ par excellence. The phenomenon of bootyfication exists in many contexts, as varied as the exploitation of the body in colonialism to 90s hiphop culture.

Post-Butt goes through different periods in time and place, to analyse the political meaning of the usage of the image of the female buttocks. Then, it discusses the role of the booty in varied cultural expressions such as film, Internet art, music videos, dance and plastic surgery.

Deep inside,Post-butt aims to reflect on how our society is conditioned by viral images, that do not only exist in the digital context, but have deep consequences on our physical world as well.

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