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Wednesday 14 April 2021 — Saturday 31 July 2021

Post pandemic design studio

The historic moment dictated by the Covid-19 pandemic, where the only way to stay connected is through video calls and virtual meetings, puts us in front of a new representation of ourselves. We see each other all the time while we talk and gesticulate, we look for the best light and the perfect background to represent ourselves, we no longer care about choosing the right shoes but the most suitable glimpse. And what if the call backgrounds become a new communication space? What if there were stylists to get the right look? What is the place of the graphic designer in a world where everyone is represented by a digital thumbnail among many others?

We asked 6 Italian graphic designers to discuss this issue with us and to share their point of view and their experience on the present, the recent past and the immediate future.

We’ll have talks online with:
Display April 29th
Typophrenic May 13th
Marino Capitanio May 27th
Gianluca Monaco (Vacanza studio) June 9th
Benedetta Crippa June 23th

Post Pandemic Design Studio gallery:


Display x Post Pandemic Design Studio
Typophrenic x Post Pandemic Design Studio
Marino Capitanio x Post Pandemic Design Studio
Vacanza x Post Pandemic Design Studio
Benedetta Crippa x Post Pandemic Design Studio

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