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Friday 17 November 2023 — Saturday 18 November 2023

The Blockchain Chicken Factory, a workshop with Bani Brusadin

Parco Studio + Noura Tafeche hosts The Blockchain Chicken Factory – A workshop about technological imaginations and adversarial futures with Bani Brusadin, independent curator and founder of The Influencers festival

“Contemporary artists and designers should act as unruly cartographers and portray what resists being portrayed. They should chase a material power that lacks a fixed, humanist perspective to describe it. Even partial evidence, fragments of stories, intuitions, or recombined objects will help us pay new attention to both systemic crises and opportunities to build equitable forms of technological coexistence between all living beings (and machines).”

Bani Brusadin is a curator, educator and researcher. Since the early 00s he has been researching contemporary art, critical technologies, user cultures, political issues disguised as other things, and the utopias and dystopias of a networked society. He regularly collaborates with public and private institutions, the most recent of which is Medialab Matadero in Madrid. Bani holds a PhD in Advanced Artistic Practices and currently teaches at the University of Barcelona, Elisava and Esdi.

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About this workshop:
This workshop is an exercise in speculative imagination in which the participants will be encouraged to dive into apparently futuristic scenarios with the aim of describing in new ways the conflicts and opportunities that will unfold.
The goal of the workshop is not to predict the future with the greatest accuracy. This is impossible and no speculative fiction will ever be able to do it, except partially and by pure chance. In this case, however, the goal is different: the participants will do their best to make their own future prevail over the one built by the others.
By revisiting present and past histories, the participants will add new inputs to a story that, also thanks to visuals, design ideas, and narrative strategies, will convey the complexity (and strangeness) of technological, political and aesthetic transformations in the present time.

Fri 17th 6:00-8:00pm
Sat 18th 10:00am-7:00pm

Please bring your own device of choice (laptop, tablet, phone). During the workshop, especially in the Saturday session, you’ll have to help your group win by using your best skills (writing, drawing, searching, editing, coding, or whichever they are). Be ready!

This workshop is open to anyone interested. No specific skill is required except enjoying work in a small group, being curious and willing to share your best ideas with others. That’s it.
Artists, designers, writers, activists, visionaries, and any kind of internet creature are very welcome to join.
This workshop is designed for a small number of participants (ideally between 8 and 12). Once you register, please send us at a quick note with your name and one or more links to your projects/works/portfolio. Also, please add a short text about why you would like to join this workshop and what you will expect from it.

A P.S. note from Bani Brusadin: I first got the inspiration for this workshop while reading Xiaowei Wang’s book, Blockchain Chicken Farm And Other Stories of Tech in China’s Countryside (2020). Eventually, the workshop turned out to be quite different in style, contents and goals from Wang’s book but nonetheless I warmly recommend everyone to read it!.

Cancellation Policy:
Notice of cancellation needs to be provided in writing to and it will be valid when acknowledged in writing by the organisation.
If cancellation is requested up until 20 calendar days before the activity, a refund will be issued to the participant. If cancellation is requested up until 7 calendar days before the activity, the studio can issue a refund only if the workshop is sold out and the ticket can be sold to another participant. If the place does not get sold, the participant will not be entitled to a refund but can exchange their ticket for a credit for the full value of the ticket. If cancellation is requested less than 6 days before the activity begins, the participant will not be entitled to a refund.
In the very unlikely event that we will have to cancel the workshop, you will receive a full refund.

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