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TBA: The Blockchain Chicken Factory

The Blockchain Chicken Factory – workshop coordinated by Bani Brusadin* will be held in Spring 2024
More details to follow about the registration 

*Bani Brusadin is an independent curator and researcher. He currently collaborates with Medialab Matadero (Madrid), Fundación Foto Colectania (Barcelona) and with Barcelona city council’s Institut de Cultura. He was one of the curators for the 2023 edition of the transmediale festival in Berlin and between 2004 and 2019 he co-led, together with artists Eva & Franco Mattes, The Influencers, a one-of-a-kind festival about art and technologies, co-produced by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. He currently teaches at the University of Barcelona, at Elisava design school and at Esdi’s master degree in Curatorship. In 2021 his essay The Fog of Systems was published by Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art (Ljubljana).

A workshop about technology, our planet and futures that may already be here
The Blockchain Chicken Factory is a creative experiment disguised as a role play game.

The goal of this exercise of collective imagination is not to engage in yet another speculative design training workshop, or even make predictions. Basically, because the future does not exist. What we call “the future” actually resembles many pieces of our present that are scattered around the planet. While each of us only sees some of them, in this experiment we want to put them all together and see what comes out of this strange assemblage. The only thing we are pretty sure of is that it will be a tough battle, a battle for survival.

Anyone can participate in this game, and artists, designers, creative activists and students are especially welcome. We will need your skills to create images, slogans, objects, conceptual schemes, actions or anything else you feel like using to describe this battle.

…In which, however, you will not fight for your ideas.

On the contrary, perhaps you will have to act as an unscrupulous corporation, or a member of a new narco-capitalist cult, or a rhizomatic totalitarian subculture, or as one of the Metabolists (a group of radical eco-activists who tweak large contemporary infrastructures to their advantage), or a new citizen of a post-democratic multiplayer society struggling to agree with many other intelligent, and not necessarily human, agents.

Each of these (and other) identities will struggle to impose their views and objects on the others. But behind the appearances of more or less futuristic strategies and narratives, the workshop aims at the complexity (and strangeness!) of current technological, political and aesthetic evolution. As you will play, you will also have the opportunity to develop your analytical skills, discover new useful references and give a new shape to your creative intuitions, perhaps leading to your next project.

(old Luddite motto, circa 1850)

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