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Wednesday 09 June 2021

Vacanza x Post Pandemic Design Studio

For the cycle of events that are happening around the online exhibition Post Pandemic Design Studio, on June 9th we’ll speak with Gianluca Monaco (Vacanza Studio). The event will be held in Italian but you’ll soon find a subtitled version on this page.

Post Pandemic Design Studio gallery:

Blur 20 Saturate 21 – Project Videoconferencing has become an inevitable ritual in the daily routine of many. But is there anyone who can never get distracted? If on the one hand the screen already offers us the perfect coverage to do other things without being caught, on the other hand the background of the other participants often proves to be a very valid inexhaustible source of distractions. Blur 20 Saturate 21 is a series consisting of 3 video call backgrounds created with the sole intent of distracting. It is a game of see-no-see, which shows but at the same time hides, implicitly inviting the other participants to get lost in the details and fantasize about what lies behind the nuances.

Vacanza Studio is not really a studio. It’s more of a mixtape of projects curated by Gianluca Monaco, in collaboration with several artists and designers. Vacanza Studio was born from the idea that on vacation one is more open, curious and proactive, and that these are the ideal mental conditions to approach work.

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