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Aesthetics of Sustainability

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Material Experiments in Product Design

The result of this research-through-design project led by ECAL, is a series of fourteen case studies involving the development of materials made from textile waste, recycled paper, rubber granulate and vegetable fibers such as algae, rice husks, hemp, flax and wood. The resulting new materials can be shaped, pressed, woven or welded. A selection of these materials will be presented through experiments and prototypes of products.

The aim is to explore and define the aesthetic potential of a new generation of sustainable materials and to offer future designers a range of practical tools and applied knowledge about the methods of analyzing and processing seminal materials, utilizing their advantageous qualities and developing functional, yet aesthetically intriguing objects.The materials further aim to provide proof that sustainable materials are a great market opportunity for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Printed on resource-saving paper made from algae and kiwi peels.

Price: 40,00

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