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Artist-Run Europe – Practice/Projects/Spaces – Onomatopee 127

Onomatopee, 24 x 17 cm, 208

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How artist-run set of alternatives to the art institution

This volume is part how-to manual, part history, and part socio-political critique. Questioning themselves, Artist-run Europe discuss and analyse the role of artist spaces and practises and their value, what they could do in terms of ecology and society, what the future can be or at least imagined. 

Case studies of spaces and projects: Triangle France, Transmission Gallery, Pallas Projects/Studios, Eastside Projects, Catalyst Arts, Pink Cube, Secession, Dienstgebaeude, Supermarket, 126 Artist-led Gallery, and The Artist-led Archive.

Onomatopee 127, Mark Cullen, Gavin Murphy, 2016

Sold out

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