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K.H. Drescher — Berlin Typo Posters, Texts, and Interviews

Slanted Publishers, 272, 19.5 x 26 cm

Price: 40,00

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A volume about the typographic work and life of the designer of the Berliner Ensemble Karl-Heinz Drescher!

Berlin Typo Posters, Texts, and Interviews

This book summarizes most of Drescher’s (typographic) posters in one comprehensive volume, it contains texts and interviews by various authors such as Dr. Friedrich Diekmann, Dr. Sylke Wunderlich, Helmut Brade, Niklaus Troxler, Gerd Fleischmann, Jamie Murphy, Erik Spiekermann, Ferdinand Ulrich, Götz Gramlich, Peter Kammerer, Vera Tenschert, Cesarina and Alessandro Drescher. It also serves as a review of the life of an extraordinary theater graphic designer but also as an inspiration for the here and now, by summing up the amazing work of an outstanding designer.

Price: 40,00

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