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C41 Magazine Issue 13


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Contemporary Mythologies

Men have always needed to believe in something. It is what gives an order to the chaos of existence. Having outgrown traditional religions, in favour of increasingly widespread atheism, new forms of belief are emerging, that similarly dominate our lives. That’s what contemporary mythologies mean. Some are positive reference points that guide lives, while others become real cages. At a time when there seems to be nothing left to believe in, what are the myths we still cling to?

Cover by Isabelle Wenzel

Contributors: Giada Biaggi, Leone Balduzzi, Claudio Biazzetti, Luca A. Caizzi, Tommaso Caldera, Kennedi Carter, Piergiorgio Caserini, Chat GPT, DALL•E 2, Eimear Lynch, Nicolas Haeni, Naomi Kelechi Di Meo, Luca Massaro, Maria Livia Pappagallo, Marco Piccardi, Ana Santl Andersen, Robin Sara Stauder.

Sold out

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