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Călătorie în infinit

15x21 cm

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"The future is certain," begins an old Soviet joke. "It's the past which is unpredictable" culminates a rather distressing punch-line.

This is one of the most representative axioms that has the potential to define the complex relationship between the Eastern European past and its future. Departing from this fundamental premise, we at KAJET Journal organised an one-day riso-workshop in Milano, Italy in partnership with Belli Gallery and Choriso Press. With it, we aimed to propose new reflections and interpretations regarding the ways in which history can be rewritten, in which we can reimagine a cancelled future. Drawing on the inevitability with which the past can reaffirm itself in the future, we were interested in the manners in which meaning can be given to a future that did not happen.

Price: 10,00

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