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Creative Review – Feb/Mar 2022

24.5x24.5 cm, 138

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The future issue

The advertising and design industries have always been obsessed with the future, but this infatuation has entered warp speed over the past six months or so, since the mainstream arrival of the metaverse and NFTs.
This issue examines what this might mean for the creative industries and how it will impact how we work, shop and play. It takes a closer look at some of these burgeoning technologies and how to navigate them, while asking what they mean for creativity and culture at large.
It also investigates where the beauty industry is heading with Lauren Bowker, and discuss how it overlaps with tech in a conversation with digital artist Claudia Rafael, who created this issue’s abstract cover.

Hopefully this issue offers a snapshot of the now, which will be both useful today but also in ten, even 20, years’ time too.

Sold out

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