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E: La Congiunzione

Nero Editions, 14 x 21 cm, 220

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Italian edition ONLY

Semiocapitalism has captured the most intimate resources of the subjective process: our perception of time, our sensitivity, the way we relate, our ability to imagine a future, causing a profound mutation in psychopathologies such as post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, and attention deficit disorder. Social relationships are trapped in a pattern of interactions encoded by techno-linguistic machines and screens of all sizes, which are destroying the sensitivity of our organism by subjecting it to the stress of competition and acceleration. In what he considers to be his most important book, Franco Bifo Berardi sketches a genealogy of capitalist globalization and shows us how the semiotic flow of capital has now reached a complexity that makes it impossible for us to process the amount of information it produces, through us. This is how we have ended up responding to a swarm logic: it is impossible to say “no.”




Price: 20,00

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