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The International Review of Graphic Design

The urge to make static artwork that depicts or creates movement has long been a human preoccupation. In the Reputations interview, influential Elle art director and photographer Peter Knapp talks about his desire to infuse magazines with movement. At a time – the 1960s– when the conventions of fashion publishing and photography were being reinvented, Knapp was a central figure.

The practice of motion design has a deep history and rich present and is presented by some current practitioners who are creating resonant, personal work.
Also, Christopher Wilson’s thorough feature about the series of Album Cover Albums engages with a period when graphic design and music culture were entangled to an unprecedented degree.’
In Ukraine, art director Glib Kaporikov and editor Anna Karnauh have made an edition of design magazine Telegraf that shows the design community’s response to war. Karnauh says: ‘Telegraf is about a new reality, where creativity is the weapon against the aggressor.’ JLW

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