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Faire – Volume 9 (31,32,33,34)

Editions Empire, 72, 20 x 29 cm

Price: 27,95

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The graphic design comes in the form of four anthologies

The ninth volume of the bi-monthly magazine dedicated to graphic design bundles together an interview by James Langdon with Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, co-founder of the arts journal ‘Dot Dot Dot’ and co-editor of its successor, ‘Bulletins of the Serving Library’; an investigation into the topical graphic designer and illustrator Bráulio Amado; a curious look at how the emergence of the gothic novel in the 19th century gave rise to an entire genre of tentacled predatory plants; and an analysis by Thierry Chancogne of the “most beautiful book”, asking what has become of the term as applied to typography since 1943 and the establishment of the “Most Beautiful Swiss Books” award.

Sold out

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