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Finzioni reali

Krisis Publishing, 12 x 16.5 cm, 104

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The complex relationship between reality, art, and representation

Italian edition ONLY

Through a detailed and engaging analysis, Hal Foster takes us on an intellectual journey that examines the metamorphosis of critical and artistic thought from late modernity to the present day.

Foster initiates his inquiry through the work of the German artist Thomas Demand. In Demand’s works, he introduces a “blurring” to activate the real: barely perceptible details catch the viewer’s gaze, activating memories and feelings rooted in collective and individual memory. It is precisely from this blurring that Foster identifies an emerging approach, reflective of a practice where artifice is used not to mystify reality but to “produce an interruption, a crack, or a distance that allows glimpsing a hidden reality.

Price: 13,00

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