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Flower Press – DIY kit

Fabrica De Texturas

Price: 42,00

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Press flowers and leaves to observe nature and develop your creativity

Flower Press

Use this press to collect, save and press the flowers and leaves that you collect in the field. You can collect the specimens you like the most and create something new!
You will learn to dry and preserve flowers and plants and store them in the flower press and create beautiful objects inspired by nature, plant compositions, cards, books… You will also learn to classify leaves and flowers.

This kit includes:

  • Handmade pine wood flower press with snap closure and screen printing. Size: 17x23cm
  • Herbarium hand-screen printed as a folder with red ribbons
  • Flower and Leaf Pressing Guide; Detailed pressing and preserving instructions and guide to flower and plant types
  • Set of plant identification labels
  • Sheets of blotting paper
  • Channel cardboard sheets (to aid pressing)
  • Chrome clamp scissors (for cutting plants and flowers)
  • Hand printed organic cotton bag

Price: 42,00

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