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Girls Like Us #11

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This issue is all focused on the economy, and how it  affects our social, political and private lives

Usually this independent magazine production is based on the advertising incoming, in order to publish on high-quality paper they spend all money for the print mainly. This time, the issue comes out in black and white so the editors and contributors are less likely to be underpaid. The revenue is balanced between print and people who work for it, the logic is reversed and the economy is public.

Featuring: an exposé of feminist fashion, an poem by Hanne Lippard, a queer dollar by Virgil Taylor & Virgil Taylor, an interview with environmentalist Minna Gillberg, a conversation with 3 cats on marx, a discussion about sex work moderated by Melanie Bonajo, 8 Q&S’s by lesbian bars worldwide, an essay about W. A.G.E, a poetic research called Makers of their Own Time, Towers of Thanks by Res, 3 Drivers – 3 Cities, an Uber investigation, artwork by Elif Erkan, a conversation between Camilla Wills and Isaline Bergamaschi on education, a script by Nora Turato, Not All There, Cruising Olivia by Bernadette Houde and a dispatch report by Display Distribute.

Sold out

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