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Slanted Publishers, 128, 17 x 24 cm

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A publication that features the excellent work of 75 designers from 50 cities and 12 countries realized during the second lockdown

This book shows the collaborative works of designers, artists, and authors, answering and visualizing the influence of the pandemic on their attitudes and projects.

The HOMEBOUND project was born when the pandemic began to cause lockdowns worldwide and many designers and artists had to cancel commissions. Cihan Tamti decided to create a publication that would present the free projects of his Instagram community created during this period to use up the extra time. The result was an incredibly beautiful documentation of that time and of work that would never have been produced under normal circumstances.
The new waves of the pandemic brought a new aesthetic, a new voice and a great progress in networking and cohesion within the community. The influence on the designers’ attitudes and projects has been questioned, answered, and visualized in this publication.

Price: 19,00

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