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Instagram in Un Sedicesimo

24 x 17 cm, 16, Corraini Edizioni

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An issue of Un Sedicesimo By Corraini Edizioni designed by Parco Studio using Instagram stories as the only tool.

“Instagram in Un Sedicesimo” is a collection of 16 stories that sum up two weeks of research. For 15 days Loredana and Emanuele used Instagram as a kind of drawing tool, a process to find new graphic languages and a way to create a print magazine. The result is a snapshot of the typical features of the most widely used means of visual expression in the world.

Emanuele Bonetti and Loredana Bontempi have been working together since 2010, when they founded Parco Studio.

Their favourite activities include: experimenting with digital and non-digital tools looking for their hidden artistic value, propelling digital to be the most beautiful visual medium, shuffling preconceptions to see what can emerge and creating visual strategies and identity systems for stunning content to be discovered.
They founded Parco Gallery in 2017, the first gallery in Milan devoted to graphic design, where they organise events and exhibitions on the theme with both local and international guests.

Price: 5,00

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