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Krisis | Orientation

Krisis Publishing, 210 x 150 mm, 360

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Rethink disorientation as an experience of renovation for new practices of orientation

Krisis | Orientation, the second volume of Krisis Magazine, is dedicated to disorientation and to the crisis of orientative models. Contributors: Art is Open Source, Ruedi Baur, BAVO, Cantiere per pratiche non-affermative, Piera Chiuppani, Melissa Destino,, Hal Foster, Foundland, Réne König, Letra, Silvio Lorusso e Sebastian Schmieg, Enrico Manera, Michele Metelli, Yana Milev, Filippo Minelli, Sosaku Miyazaki, Bruno 9li, Serena Osti, Merijn Oudenampsen, Paolo Patelli / Danila Pellicani / Alessandro Contini, Daniela Piscitelli, Marco Quaggiotto, Pavel Maria Smejkal, Société Réaliste, Unità di crisi, Utilità Manifesta.

Price: 30,00

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