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La forma del libro

Ronzani Editore, 14 x 21 cm, 248

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Venticinque risposte sul libro e la tipografia

Italian edition ONLY

La forma del libro is a classic of typographic literature, the work of one of the most important and influential typographers of the 20th century-Jan Tschichold.

This new edition is entirely revised, both in the text and in the illustrative plates, a collection of short essays covering a long span of time and in which the Author gives us the summa of his experience, clearly and brilliantly illustrating every aspect of book design and layout.

What makes this book special are not only the more technical pages, but also the enlightening pages in which the author reflects on the experience of reading, an aspect that is often overlooked, but which must be the ultimate goal of the work of a good book designer: the “loyal and sensitive servant of the written word.”




Price: 16,00

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