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LaTigre Textile artwork 1×1,8 m – Trecentosessantamila

Price: 120,00

Here you can buy part of the La Tigre's 20 meters long artwork.


Trecentosessantamila is an exhibition by LaTigre (Luisa Milani and Walter Molteni) curated by Loredana Bontempi and Emanuele Bonetti (Parco Studio)The project on show at Parco Gallery fits with the production path of La Tigre, pushing it towards a next step: a twenty-meter fabric roll with a single design that develops along its entire length. Orange on one side and blue on the other extreme, every single centimeter of the piece is unrepeatable and can be purchased by the meter as in a tailor’s shop, giving life to a succession of unique pieces.

Here you can buy 1 meter of the fabric, choosing from the next meter available. Refer to the number in the picture to chose the perfect piece for you. In case you wish to buy a bigger piece of fabric, please contact us by email at

Each artwork will be signed and provided with a Certificate of Authenticity by La Tigre, Luisa Milani and Walter Molteni.

You read more about it here.


Price: 120,00

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