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Le paludi della piattaforma

Nero Editions, 14 x 21 cm, 220

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Riprendiamoci Internet

Le paludi della piattaforma

Italian edition ONLY

When we wake up, we already check email and social networks before breakfast. Then we start working on G Suite while chatting with friends on WhatsApp between meetings on Zoom. Our homes have become our offices, looking more and more like call centers. It feels like we are trapped. Condemned to an endless scroll of fake news, conspiracy theories, cringe memes and virtual brawls, we feel the boredom and frustration growing. The Internet has become asphyxiating: we are mired in platforms. If the goal was to use the pandemic to do a nice reset and restart, we have failed. So “how do we re-emerge from the swamp and deplatform?” Starting with this question, Lovink delves into the mechanisms by which big tech traps the individual, owns and shapes markets, and exacerbates social and economic inequalities. And it charts a course out of stagnation: a surge of collective imagination to help us escape the power of platforms and take back the Internet.



Price: 22,00

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