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Money Must Be Made

SPBH, 144, 20 x 29 cm

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A love letter from Lorenzo Vitturi to the heart of Balogun Market, its spirit and its people in Lagos, Nigeria

Money Must Be Made is Lorenzo Vitturi’s photobook – it explores themes such as globalization, urbanization, colonialism and capitalism, Vitturi has spent the past three years working on the project. Returning to Lagos on many trips, Vitturi immersed himself into street market life and studied how the crowds merge into a frenetic, chaotic mass of bodies and objects. He photographed the things he saw – products, prayer mats, apparel – and the people he encountered – local shoppers, vendors and market stall owners. Each hardcover publication is handmade and unique, collaged by Vitturi with recycled off-cuts of various fabrics, vinyl’s and leather.

Price: 54,00

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