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Palais #33 – Reclaim the Earth

204, 22.5 x 28.5 cm

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In dialogue with the exhibition Reclaim the Earth

The relationships between human beings and their environments are some of our most stimulating contemporary preoccupations, in that they put into question the ideological basis of our ways of doing and of thinking. In this respect, ecological events have given rise to a merging of essential issues, which are political, economic, scientific, moral, societal and, of course, aesthetic.

This season of the Palais de Tokyo’s exhibition programme, “Reclaim the Earth” (from 15 April to 4 September 2022), echoes all these questions and evokes not only the relationships between bodies and the earth, the disappearance of some species of flora and fauna, or the transmission of minoritized narratives and knowledges, but also spirits, biological energies, agriculture, gardening. While joining up with spirituality, the emotions and affects, the propositions by the artists presented on this occasion and in this issue of the PALAIS magazine intentionally turn often-serious preoccupations into poetry and resonate a positive, lively energy.

Bilingual (French & English)

Sold out

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