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Sense and Sensibility – Onomatopee 150

Onomatopee, 21 x 10 cm, 192

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Exploring contradictions and oppositions by reflecting upon gender issues, contemporary girlhood and object-subject relations

We are in need of a more inclusive feminism reflecting on  contemporary topics, gender equality, relationship between gender, politics and philosophy. 

With contributions of artists and academics, writers and rioteers, curators and journalists.such as  Mandy Roos, Gabriel A. Maher with Roberto Pérez de Gayo and Carly Rose Bedford, Olle Lundin, Janina Frye, Camille Auer, Barbara Bolt, Daantje Bons, Charlotte van Buylaere, Ece Canlı and Luiza Prado de O. Martins, Victoria Ledig, Alicja Melzacka, Nina Power, Barbara Smith for Nasty Women and Aynouk Tan. Edited and curated by Pernilla Ellens. Graphic design by Virginie Gauthier.

Onomatopee 150, 11 x 20 cm, Pernilla Ellens, 2018

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