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Shoplifters, Issue 10

Actual Source, 16 x 22 cm, 16 x 24 cm

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New Type Design Volume 2

Shoplifters, Issue 10

Shoplifters is Actual Source bi-annual publication featuring the work of contemporary artists, photographers, designers, illustrators etc,. Shoplifters doesn’t have a single identity, it’s size, paper, typography, and tone changes each time it’s published.

—“Special Features” Section
Nick Benson and the John Steven Shop
Designer and stone carver Nick Benson in conversation with Jack Fahnestock

Modular Typeface Cubes for the Bibliotèque du Luxembourg with Sascha Lobe
By Perrin Drumm

Edition Typeface by Elias Hanzer interpreted by Actual Source

Lines by AllCaps
Jan Novak, Malte Bentzen, Ondrej Bachor, and Sascha Bente
Interviewed by Wayne Daly

—Character overview

—Index by designer and foundry

Main book typefaces: Prisma Text by Robert Huber and Tschichold Rund Mono by Ben Fehrman-Lee

Price: 52,00

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