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Slanted #37

16x24 cm, 290

Price: 21,00

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Living in times where Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has become a reality

A debate about the impacts of A.I. and its subsets, machine and deep learning, and everything from virtual to augmented realities, and how these technologies may change our lives, jobs, and social relationships altogether. 

While we believe to be free, algorithms dictate our lives, hopes, and dreams. We are the parents and children, gods and slaves of the technology we invented: although it’s a masterpiece, there is a great dependence.

This issue made everyone an adventurer: looking with doubtful eyes at this new world of computation, numbers, and transhumanism, where machines are in many areas smarter than us and, occasionally, even encoded with higher ethical and moral standards than we will ever have.

Sold out

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