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Solid Holder

All-in-one Kids Holder, Shampoo Holder, Shower Gel Holder

Price: 3,90

Essential to help our planet

Handy container made of 100% recycled plastic, km 0 and 100% recyclable.

Ideal for storing the solid shower/shampoo after each use. Small holes in the bottom help remove water and moisture residue; convenient for carrying solid shampoo even when traveling.

How to use:
Run the solid foam under water removing the foam
Put the solid foam back into the container without closing it. The water will drain from the three holes.
Once dry, you can close the lid again.

Do not leave mail solid shower foam in direct contact with water.

Material: 100% Recycled Plastic from Bergamo’s recycling collection and 100% recyclable
Measurements: outer diameter 8.5cm, inner diameter 7.5cm, height about 4cm

Price: 3,90

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