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Wax #08 – Fear

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What is your greatest fear in life? Fear of future, of time, of truth, of sound, of opportunity, of television, of destruction?

Explore the intersection of art, culture and surfing in and around New York. He believes that beauty and meaning can be found on sidewalks, walkways, skyscrapers and beaches alike. They are interested in exploring the rich history of surfing in New York, its beaches and its inhabitants and finding a path of cultural creativity in and out of the break. Wax shares the stories of area surfers who are also artists, designers, authors and authors. Each issue is organized around a single theme.

The eighth issue of the publication is developed around the theme of fear.

Read features by Dane Reynolds, Richard Ross, Candice Lin, Samson Young, Brea Souders, David Brandon Geeting, Dingum, Yodit Eklund, Raf Rennie, Rell Sunn, Glenn Walton and many more!


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