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A boiling bimonthly publication on graphic design research and theory

Making Visible

The renewed interest in the role of women in design in the early decades of the 21st century has contributed to make amends with one of the many lacking aspects in the discipline’s history: the systematic erasure of womens’ presences. This series of essays explores and makes visible the ways in which female practice has been historically erased, and draws on the work of Foreign Legion and learnings around gender issues in design between 2017-2023. The first essay looks towards the past; the second focuses on the present moment; and the third looks towards the future.

06 December 2023


By Vera Sacchetti

Women in design, past, present, and future

Issue 2.1

Swiss style made in Italy

An insight into the historical link between Swiss and Italian graphics, thoroughly investigating and debunking some of the consolidated myths as well as bringing to light a series of minor figures who, although historically in the shadow of masters and pioneers, have played a fundamental role in building this international relationship.

19 May 2023


By Davide Fornari

Graphic Design Across the Border

Issue 1.3

18 May 2023


By Davide Fornari

Graphic Design Across the Border

Issue 1.2

20 April 2023


By Davide Fornari

Graphic Design Across the Border

Issue 1.1